The Gravity Defyer affiliate program grants your audience members the ability to purchase supremely comfortable men’s and women’s shoes via Using patented VeroShock Technology, each shoe contains a hidden spring in each sole to offer unparalleled comfort and support through the day.

This program can be marketed to working professionals, busy parents, and anyone else who spends a good portion of the day on their feet.

Gravity Defyer Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Relief – Commissions are earned on sales made at
Inspiring Marketing – Banners featuring people in action while wearing Gravity Defyer shoes
Sole Man – Insoles sold to restore and realign one’s natural arch

How Can You Benefit From This Program?
Hours on end of hustling and bustling at a construction site or hospital can cause real damage to one’s feet over time if the proper shoes are not worn. The Gravity Defyer affiliate program supplies shoes of just that type, which excel at absorbing the harmful shocks felt walking about all day. A pair of Gravity Defyer Shoes isn’t just an investment in one’s immediate foot comfort, but a surefire way of alleviating nagging foot, leg, and back pain years on down the road.

Cut a Rug
Even when it comes to formal social events, can supply people with unbelievable pain relief. A man’s oxford ow woman’s sandal can do the trick, as can a pair of orthotic insoles slipped into a favorite pair of shoes that go perfectly with the evening’s ensemble.

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