The iMemories affiliate program grants your audience access to, where they can digitally preserve their memories from a number of analog formats into the digital age. This cloud-based service lets people see and share their precious moments from their smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices.

This affiliate program is ideally offered to families who want to keep the experiences they shared with loved ones in the past alive for themselves and future generations to cherish.

iMemories Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Videos – Earn commissions with online purchases made via
Captivating Banner Creative – Highlighting examples of once-in-a-lifetime events that deserve to be preserved
Ship, Click, Share – Rather than letting their home movies fade away, customers can convert old copies into a pristine digital format that they can share with the world

How Can This Benefit You?
You don’t have to be a historian to appreciate the wonders that the iMemories affiliate program can create for your web visitors and all their loved ones. Instead of letting factors like heat, humidity, and age rob people of the memories they had of yesteryear, they can simply ship the reels and tapes and have them converted into a format they can share with today’s world. As heartwarming as it is for families to gather and sit around a carousel to recall the good times, the convenience of sending a file in a matter of moments to family members across the world cannot be beat.

Priceless Prints
While no one can morally put a price on the good times they had with family and friends in the past, some companies may prey upon that nostalgia and charge exorbitant amounts to convert old film formats. That’s not the case with iMemories, who offers incredibly reasonable pricing to take an array of content and convert it into a format infinitely easier to enjoy.

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