The West Music affiliate program allows your web traffic to access, where they can shop for a wide selection of professional musical instruments, early childhood instruments, and music therapy products. Customers can also shop for instructional elementary music materials, helping to reinforce the magic of music for generations to come.

This program is ideally marketed to musicians, educators, and parents looking for quality instruments and educational material to help themselves and others experience the power of making music.

West Music Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Instruments – Earn commissions on purchases with valid payment at
Colorful Marketing MaterialBanner creative featuring the West Music logo
Big Brands – Instruments and accessories from top manufacturers in the industry

How Do You Benefit From This?
It’s never too soon to enrich one’s life by learning how to play a new instrument, making the West Music affiliate program ideal for early education in the arts. Their massive selection of band and orchestra accessories, from drums and guitars to pianos and recorders, allows them to appeal to large audiences with varying musical styles and tastes. West Music offers a large number of clearance instruments and instructional materials as well to reach musicians on nearly any budget.

Timpani Therapy
West Music is an avid supporter of the American Music Therapy Association, which ensures the progression of the therapeutic use of music in rehabilitation, special education, medical, and community settings. Certified professionals use music as a method for assessing and treating patients in academic, cognitive, motor, social, emotional, and communicative domains.

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