The YesVideo affiliate program directs your traffic to, where they can ensure that their memories stored on film live forever. The video transfer service can take any film format and digitally convert it for families and friends to treasure for years to come.

This affiliate program is easily marketed to individuals with unforgettable events caught on film who would like to continue to cherish them without losing any memoirs to outdated technology.

YesVideo Affiliate Program Benefits:
Converted Commissions – Commissions are earned when a direct online YesVideo order is placed
Inviting Imagery – Advertising the number of families who have enjoyed the YesVideo service
You get a DVD! Everyone gets a DVD! – Converted films can be recorded onto multiple disks to share with family and friends

How Can This Benefit You?
It’s easy to see how quickly technology is advancing towards the future. Sadly, this leaves treasured mementos in video cassettes and Mini DV films to face a grim fate. The YesVideo affiliate program can change that, however, as they give your viewers the chance to dispose of obsolete devices while still keeping the remembrances within them. They can view and edit their favorite scenes in order to create and preserve the best possible version of their keepsakes.

Photo Finish
If your audience owns stacks of photos and negatives that are currently gathering dust, the YesVideo affiliate program can also come to their aid and digitalize their snapshots, thereby clearing up space while saving memories.

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