The RESPeRATE affiliate program gives your patrons the ability to buy a therapeutic device that helps lower their blood pressure naturally. Cleared by the FDA, this non-invasive hypertension treatment facilitates easier breathing to help lower one’s blood pressure.

This program is geared towards individuals with high blood pressure who may have issues with partaking in particular treatments or medicines.

RESPeRATE Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Calmness – Commissions are earned on sales made at
Bright Marketing Creative – Banners highlighting the device’s positive benefits
Find Your Center – Helps synchronize one’s breathing to ideal rhythms

How Do You Benefit From This?
Something as simple as the coordinated movement of air in and out of the body can help ease tension built up over time, and in turn, lower blood pressure. Through the RESPeRATE affiliate program, your web visitors concerned about keeping their blood pressure in check can acquire an easy-to-use digital system that simplifies the act of strategic breathing in order to properly relax. In a few minutes a day and just a handful of sessions a week, the RESPeRATE can breathe new life into practically anyone willing to give it a serious try.

Frankie Says Relax
Excessive stress can put a lot of stress on one’s mental and physical well-being. Rather than scrutinizing the many methods that haven’t worked to improve their cardiovascular health in the past, users of the RESPeRATE can take a few moments to reflect and soothe themselves to a better being.

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