Promoting the affiliate program on your website gives your visitors the chance to purchase durable dog doors for pups of all shapes and sizes. These fittings are easy for pets to use, but are still able to keep out inclement weather all year round.

This program is ideally marketed to pet owners searching for convenient means to let their companions roam in and out of the house to do their business. Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Flaps – Earn commissions on purchases made at
Dynamic Marketing Materials – Featuring enticing site-wide discount opportunities
Feline Finds – State-of-the-art doors built specifically with cats in mind also sold

How Do You Benefit From This?
What’s the use in having a massive enclosed yard for canines to play in if they’re restricted by the schedule of their owners? addresses this problem directly with their intrusion-resistant flaps and doors that open only when a pet’s collar key is nearby. These quality products conveniently let pets out when they please while simultaneously keeping varmints out of the home.

Ride the Lightning
Any of your audience members hesitant about the idea of installing a doggie door due to the rough weather that occasionally occurs in their area also have options at The “Extreme Weather” pet door addresses this very issue while allowing family members to sleep when they’d otherwise be awoken by a barking dog needing to go out.

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