Marketing the Wise Company affiliate program on your landing site gives your page traffic access to, where they can purchase shelf-stable dehydrated food packages. These tasty freeze-dried meals only need a bit of water and heat to be reconstituted, resulting in nutrition that hits the spot.

This program can effectively be promoted to campers and doomsday preppers who want to be prepared in case of a crisis.

Wise Company Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Rations – Commissions are earned on sales from
Dynamic Banners – Highlighting the convenience and sustainability of their products
No Whey! – Buckets filled with individual Mylar pouches containing powdered whey milk can be rehydrated in minutes also stocked

How Can You Benefit From This?
When fresh foods simply aren’t attainable, your site visitors will be glad they purchased the pre-packaged foods sold through the Wise Company affiliate program. Sold in durable Mylar packs that are then placed in water-tight buckets designed to be easily stored and stackable, these meals can withstand the elements (and time) far better than what most people would include in their emergency rations. Their curated storage packages even come with bricks of fresh water, enough to make all of the corresponding meals that are included.

Budget Menus
Even if your audience members don’t anticipate having to live in vaults capable of withstanding nuclear apocalypse for some time, Wise Company products are still viable dining options in everyday life for those on a budget. Growing families and single people on a fixed budget can save considerable amounts of money by purchasing long-term food kits that will suffice for months of nutrition at a time.

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