The uSell affiliate program allows your audience members to access, where they can sell their cellular phones to professional buyers in only a few simple steps. This veritable price comparison engine offers users some of the best deals for their old electronics, connecting sellers with trusted buyers of bargain electronics quickly and safely.

This affiliate program is ideally marketed to tech-savvy customers and early adopters of new hardware who want to sell their old phones purchasing the latest offerings on the market.

uSell Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Convenience – Earn commissions on leads for form completions and mobile online purchases at
Bold Banner Creative – Promoting fast cash and free shipping opportunities
No Brand Loyalty – Users can search for buyers of many popular phone brands and models

How Can This Benefit You?
Rather than throwing their old smartphones in a sock drawer never to be seen again, your web traffic might be able to get a great deal for them via the uSell affiliate program. In a matter of minutes, users are able to search for trusted buyers online who are interested in purchasing the exact model phone they’re offering. After selecting a buyer and filling out a simple form, phones are shipped for free and users are paid for their product upon arrival and quick inspection. It’s that easy!

Crossing Camps
The uSell affiliate program could prove particularly useful for your site visitors who aren’t just upgrading their phone, but switching to a new provider altogether. If they are unable to get any credit for their old phone because it belongs to a competing company, might still be able to deliver.

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